Cross-Continental Partnerships

Canadian businesses have an opportunity to capture new markets through strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia’s evolving digital ecosystems

Nimble Problem Solvers

We understand consumer behaviour requires a flexible digital marketing strategy to launch ongoing offers across multiple touch points

Purpose-Driven Agency

As communications consultants with specific skills, we exist to serve familiar and not so familiar Canadian brands in a vibrant, fast moving region

Customer Engagement

We create original content that nudges specific customer segments to react and participate in human experiences that channel customer passion

The Canada-Asia Connection

Accommcan has a simple holistic purpose: We offer external communications and research solutions for Canadian companies in Asia where we are well established. We build roadmaps with strategic narratives, but before that we evaluate all message platforms, both traditional and social CRM ecosystems to widely and energetically engage with customers.

Your story needs to be built with an editorial thought approach, a steady narrative that props up your brand to stand out amongst the competition. We ignite consumer interest in Canadian companies, destinations and educational providers by working at a crossroads where public relations, content marketing, digital and social media intersect for value-based outcomes.

Why Hire Us?

On-The-Ground Experts

We assist you to breakdown potential opportunities with the latest Asian market intel yet
without the outlay of opening a branch office

Customer-Inspired Solutions

We design strategies that first listen to audiences and then encourage participation that reflects their cultural considerations and evolving needs

Creative Content Producers

We attract Asian audiences with bespoke messaging that is empathetic, enlightening and entertaining, content they relate to and act upon

Big On Research

Our teams deep dive your market research from online forums and in-room focus groups to innovative research methods

Committed to Shared Values

We place emphasis on a client’s shared values that always leads to trust and a route to greater humanity and transparency

We Meet Budgets & Solve Problems

Accommcan Communications Ltd. provides cost-effective, results-driven services