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Connecting Canada with Asian Students

A professional educational consultancy across Asia bringing your desired markets into easy reach


We are a well-rooted and respected PR/communications agency specializing in identifying quickly shifting Asian demographics and connecting clients with them. We work lockstep with schools to support their brand identity, strategy refinement, design look and feel and other specific implementations that neatly align with target markets all for the purpose of a healthy ROI.

Combining agencies: GHC Asia and the AccommGroup, have evolved from leaders in the luxury travel sector by adding educational marketing and PR to meet the growing needs of Canadian schools, whether it be parents seeking independent boarding schools to finish off their child’s high school; those students coming straight out of high school or, those professionals seeking higher education for that leg up in their career.

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We are savvy professionals mixing comfortably from
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We know Asia

Our expertise is focused on one region that we have dedicated our careers to


Communicating a brand successfully to students requires strategic planning and specific tools, the very tools our agencies have adeptly used for over 20 years. With offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong and China and with affiliate offices in India and throughout Asia, we create campaigns that reflect your unique programs with messaging that dovetails neatly to THE right learners throughout the region.

Working alongside our Asian colleagues, Accommcan together with GHC Asia employs a number of Canadian expatriates who are as well versed on Asian cultures as they are with the Canadian communities they hail from. Given this familiarity in both their adopted countries and Canada means we are experts in curating relevant content that resonates with the students you seek.

Integrated Educational Marketing for Asia Pacific